Graduation Project 2016: Small Pig Farm

Congratulations to Marguri, Melvin, Julia, and Bayron, 4 of CAFE’s scholarship students, and the rest of the 2016 graduating class for the successful completion of the small pig farm project.  The project was incited in November 2015 with a feasibility study that included; determining the impact that a pig farm will have on the environment, finding a market for the product, and developing an eco-friendly design of the physical accommodation of the pig house.   The pig house is 5 meters by 6 meters and will be able to house 10 hogs.  The purpose of this project is to learn the methods of pig farming, produce meat for school student’s consumption and for the local’s market.

The total cost of the project was of $2,673.00. This project was completed as a whole school effort, but the graduating class of 2016 were the ones in charge of creating the business plan, creating the design, directing the construction, and coming up with the funding from parents and by solicitations from different local organizations. The first pig was slaughtered in April 2016.

Sketch Org Chart
Terrain Pigs

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