Our Mission

Make an impact.

We aim to prevent youth delinquency and youth violence in Honduras through education and employment training.

Our Goal

Equitable Resources.

We provide scholarships to rural Honduran children to alleviate the international immigration crisis.

Who is CAFE?

CAFE is a nonprofit organization committed to preventing youth deliquency and youth violence in Honduras through education and employment training. Our commitment is to help Honduran children to fulfill their dreams of education in order to break the poverty cycle that has endured for generations and that has fueled the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border in the last few years.

We are a group of Honduran and American individuals of all walks of life, and we are eager to welcome you into our community and movement. It has taken many forms, from coffee sales, to book drives, to the development of community days. We believe that creating a strong foundation in the communities that support our cause can help spread our message.


Coffee Arabica Foundation for Education can no longer accept donations, thank you for all your support over the last 18 years!

Thank you for supporting CAFE!